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Alfa Group Press Release on Pamplona Capital Management's Investment in Unicredit Spa

June 28, 2012. TAG: Other

Alfa Group has invested in a number of funds which are managed by Pamplona Capital Management LLP, an independent investment manager, based in London. Alfa Group was a seed investor in several funds initially launched by Pamplona.

However, over time, Pamplona has diversified its client base. It now manages assets for a wide variety of clients including public pension funds, international wealth managers, multinational corporations, family offices, funds of hedge funds and high net worth individuals.As of 1 January 2012, Alfa Group had around USD 1.5 bln invested in aggregate in a number of the Pamplona funds, which includes Pamplona Global Financial Institutions Fund, the fund that has taken the 5% stake in Unicredit Spa. Investment decisions relating to these investment funds are taken by Pamplona independently of Alfa. Alfa has no ownership interest in Pamplona.

Alfa Group Consortium

Alfa Group Consortium ("Alfa"), founded in 1989, is one of the largest privately owned financial-investment conglomerates in Russia. Alfa Group is a combination of independent businesses, operating mainly in Russia and the CIS. Alfa companies’ businesses include commercial and investment banking, asset management, insurance, retail trade, water utilities, mineral water production as well as special-situation investments. Companies of Alfa typically focus on value-oriented, longer-term opportunities, primarily in Russia and the CIS, but also invest in other markets which form part of their strategic business objectives.

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