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December 21, 2001

Alfa-Eco stumps up for Sakhalin project.

RUSSIA'S Alfa-Eco, which is owned by the powerful Alfa Group Consortium, plans to invest $22 million into onshore and offshore exploration and development on Sakhalin Island, writes Vladimir Afanasiev. Alfa-Eco is a 95% shareholder in local oil producer Petrosakh, which was previously owned by...

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December 12, 2001
Alfa Group Consortium

TNK Becomes Russia's Highest-Rated Corporate Borrower.

Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) on 30 November received the highest foreign-currency issuer rating of any Russian company since the country's1998 financial crisis, PR Newswire reported. The upgrade, by Moody'sInvestors Service from "B2" to "Ba3," makes TNK Russia's highest-rated corporate borrower....

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December 11, 2001

Alfa Revamps Retail Network.

By Torrey Clark. Top five commercial bank Alfa Bank is overhauling its retail system and focusing on the regions in order to increase its independence from Alfa Group - not to groom it for sale, Alfa Bank chairman Mikhail Fridman said Monday. "We are trying to seriously weaken the link...


December 10, 2001
ABH Holdings S.A.

Alfa Bank to issue Eurobond next year and roll out new retail banking operation

Chairman of the Board Mikhail Fridman told a Moscow news conference that the Bank planned to launch a new Eurobond in 2002 following its success in closing a new US$20 million unsecured syndicated loan in London last week. "This loan was at very competitive rates," Fridman said. "It tells a...

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