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December 11, 2018
ABH Holdings S.A.

Alfa Group has neither planned nor plans to sell its banking assets in Russia

In light of recent media reports, alleging some negotiations on the sale of Alfa Group’s banking assets in the Russian Federation, we declare that this information bears no relation to reality.

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November 16, 2017
Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

Changes in the shareholder structure of PJSC Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

On 16 November 2017, the international investment foundation MSP Stiftung (Liechtenstein) became a shareholder of PJSC Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) having acquired 9.9% of its shares.

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October 31, 2017
ABH Holdings S.A.

Moody’s Investors Service upgrades Alfa-Bank’s ratings to Ba1 from Ba2 —

On October 31, 2017, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded to Ba1 from Ba2 Alfa-Bank’s local-currency long-term deposit rating and local- and foreign-currency senior unsecured debt ratings.

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September 26, 2017
Alfa-Bank (Russia)

Alfa-Bank (Russia) placed RUR 5 bln exchange traded bonds.

In October 2017, Alfa-Bank (Russia) issued exchange traded bonds (БО-21) in the total amount of RUR 5 bln with a coupon rate of 8.35% and a 3-year put option.

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