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Alfa-Bank Ukraine has launched the new Sense SuperApp digital bank with video chat and media. How Alfa has changed to make this possible

November 26, 2020. TAG: Financial Services

Alfa-Bank Ukraine entered 2020 with a clear work plan to transform internal processes that affect the quality of products and services. We implemented new projects step by step. But customers could fully appreciate how Alfa had changed on November 26, when we announced the launch of the new digital bank - Sense SuperApp.

What makes Sense SuperApp outstanding, and Alfa-Bank - renewed.

Remote account opening in 10 minutes via video chat. Alfa-Bank became the first in Ukraine to launch full-fledged video identification. This option enables people to become bank clients and open card accounts via video chat. After registration, the digital card is activated in Sense and is immediately ready to use, the client is identified and can fully use all the bank's services.

One single app for individuals and sole proprietors. In Sense, we have combined digital banking for individuals and entrepreneurs. Now, our clients entrepreneurs can manage their personal and business accounts via one single app. The first release contains a unified customer profile and basic operations for sole proprietors: a client can view account balances, statements, make payments in hryvnia, create tax payment templates. Each release will offer more features.

Application design with maximum personalization. Every client is unique, and Sense gives a client an opportunity to stay unique. This means that every person's digital bank may look different. The desktop is the new essence of the app; it’s your personal digital bank that you can design. You can change everything: account names, shortcuts design and their location, create folders for recurring payments, choose a theme, desktop background and sounds. Even the communication style! Sense offers three types: from friendly to formal business. And digital bank communicates in three languages.

Drag'n'drop technology. Favourite feature of our programmers.  All icons can interact with each other on the desktop, much like app icons on a smartphone. For this, you just need to drag one icon onto another. This is how the most common operations are performed in Sense:

UAH account + USD account = currency exchange,
account + template = payment or transfer using template,
Cash'U CLUB + account = cashback refund to the account.

Consolidated transaction history, bank statement and templates. One for all accounts, a convenient system of easy search by name and filters - date, amount, category, card. Tap on the operation to view its details, swipe left – to create a template, to repeat the payment or generate a receipt. Bank statements for card, credit, and deposit accounts. The account statement option is located in the Account Management section. You can generate a statement and save it to your smartphone or send it to E-mail.

Sense Now - the bank’s news feed that won't get boring. Our editorial staff daily offers articles related to finance, mobile technologies, travel and lifestyle.

Sense SuperApp is not only about digital banking, and not only for individuals. The first step is to combine the individual and entrepreneur’s profiles. There are three more large projects ahead, and already in December release will become available:

● for individuals: digital card for existing clients;

● for entrepreneurs: saving tax payment details, quick transfers by drag'n'drop between own individual and entrepreneur’s accounts.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine)

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