Serving Our Communities

Charitable activities play an important role in Alfa Group companies, which are known for their multi-year traditions of patronage of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage in the regions where they operate. The focus of such activity, taking place primarily in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, has always been and will remain support of children and talented young people and the support and promotion of culture, art, education, health and environmental protection. While Alfa aims to achieve leadership in all its businesses, the commercial strategy of each business will always be closely aligned with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Through constant efforts to create the conditions for a flourishing society, Alfa Group is also laying the foundations for its own long-term success. Alfa Group is also proud of its cooperation with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), a non-profit membership organization whose activities are aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and solidarity between nations, preventing international conflicts and promoting crisis settlement.

The most significant initiatives of Alfa Group businesses

Humanitarian Activities

Alfa Group companies regularly donate to charities and hold charitable events in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, aimed at supporting socially vulnerable groups of people. Within the framework of these projects financial support is provided to severely ill children, orphanages and remedial schools for children, charitable funds, medical and social institutions, low-income families and pensioners.

Education Support and Talent Development

Alfa Group businesses finance internships for young specialists, sponsor grants to pay for education in business schools, organize forums and conferences to discuss issues relevant for business and the economy.

Support of Culture and National Heritage

As part of the activities aimed to support cultural and national heritage, financial assistance is provided to musical festivals and competitions, literary prizes, film festivals, theater projects, art centers and national culture days.

Sporting Initiatives

Employees of Alfa Group companies take part in charitable runs and marathons, while companies participate in the organization of sport events as sponsors.

Environment, Health and Safety

Alfa Group companies participate in environmental clean up campaigns and organize school meetings to discuss ecological issues. Within the “Donor’s Day” charitable campaign, employees donate blood for severely ill people.

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