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About Us

Founded in 1989, Alfa Group* ("Alfa") is one of the largest privately owned financial-investment conglomerates in Russia. 

Alfa Group* is a combination of independent businesses operating mainly in Russia and the CIS.

Alfa* companies’ businesses include commercial and investment banking, asset management, insurance, retail trade, water utilities, mineral water production as well as special-situation investments. Companies of Alfa* typically focus on value-oriented, longer-term opportunities, primarily in Russia and the CIS, but also invest in other markets which form part of their strategic business objectives.

Overview of businesses:

ABH Holdings S.A. 
ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) is a privately owned Luxembourg-based holding company investing into several banking groups in the CIS and Europe.
Alfa Capital         
Alfa Capital manages investment portfolios for a wide range of clients.
AlfaStrakhovanie Group     
One of the largest private insurance companies in Russia with a diversified portfolio of insurance products.
Alfa Asset Management (Europe) S.A.           
Luxembourg-based asset management company for private and corporate clients in Europe.
Leading investment company in Russia - an expert in resolving complex business cases and corporate disputes.
Х5 Retail Group
Leading multi-format modern retailer in Russia. X5 Retail Group’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Moscow Exchange (MOEX) in the form of Global Depositary Receipts under the ticker “FIVE”.   
Rosvodokanal Group           
One of the leading regional companies in water-supply and waste water disposal operating in Russia.
IDS Borjomi International Group
Leading mineral water producer in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and the CIS and Baltic countries.

All businesses adhere to corporate development and financial control principles. Each business through its Board of Directors and executive bodies is managed independently.

Alfa Group* companies are known for their multi-year tradition of charitable activities and support to society and communities in which Alfa* operates. While Alfa* aims to achieve leadership in all its businesses, the commercial strategy of each of its businesses will always be closely aligned with a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. Alfa*  is also proud of it's cooperation with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), a non-profit membership organization whose activities are aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and solidarity between nations, preventing international conflicts and promoting crisis settlement.

* Alfa Group is not a legal entity.